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This blog is an attempt to safely dispose of thought waste that doesn’t decompose naturally. With a little help from the written word this endless sheet of self-replicating paper has somewhere to go and be locked away, far from the hairless chimp who sits atop the crown of my consciousness typing randomly and wildly into the vacuum. But the will of this highly evolved animal is what drives me, (or who I identify as being an individual, “me” being subjective and often defined by other’s perceptions), and he is very loud and persistent.

So if you do read on, be cautious. One man, an amalgamation of animal and critical thought, can be extremely influential in today’s society. The scope of the amount of minds our stupidity can touch has reached critical mass. Our demand for information of any kind is proceeded by a voracious hunger that is encoded in the very fabric that weaves our human vessel together. This animal is the most hungry, the most curious, and the most dangerous among the animal kingdom. The combination of information accumulated from previous generations and the discoveries he makes from the invention of futuristic technologies give us god-like powers our ancestors only dreamed of, or never dreamed of.

If Spiderman taught me anything, it’s that with great power comes great responsibility. If the individual who lives inside this animal knows anything, it’s that everything he says is limited to his experience and sensory perceptions. Experience is subjective, and perceptions are heavily skewed.

Who’s to say the percentage of my mind which is consciousness is even in control of what I’m writing? What is thought? Am I in control of my thoughts? Or is my entire existence summed up as a mere passenger on a ship headed towards one of the universes inevitable outcomes? If time is relative, then am I only consciously aware of what is happening to me, what was always going to happen to me as the chimp at the typewriter plays out this macabre existence? Do I have free will? Only “god” knows. But god, in my opinion, is the point our species might reach when we have the answers to our stupid questions.
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