Goal: to further advance the spirit of the human race.

Trans-Humanism is taking all the overarching themes of all religions and incorporating them into one idea; the power of the human spirit.

The human spirit is the culmination of thousands of years of culture, religious beliefs, and art. We express ourselves because we need to find individuality in a sea of people from all different backgrounds and beliefs. Religion is one way humans can express themselves and commit to doing what they believe is right in the sight of their God or Gods. Religion is a state of being, something the human spirit is drawn to, to find meaning in a seemingly meaningless world. We evolved to ask ourselves questions like, “Who am I?” and “What is my purpose?”. One can only find purpose in what they believe to be true, something that is unknowable and is beyond their capacity. It’s finding a common goal to strive towards that belief, that state of being that makes us human. The human spirit is noble, and righteous. It is also malignant, and repulsive. We need to accept all the truths we’ve come to know about ourselves, even the bad ones, so we can strive to be something better. Something that not many have accomplished yet, and may be our way forward in the future.

To believe in something greater than yourself is human nature. Our ancestors looked to the sky and asked what lay beyond the thin veil, where stars lit up the night sky, seemingly godly in their permanence. When the sky would grow dark, and thunder crash, they would think the Gods were angry. It was a way for humans to think about something they knew was beyond their capability. The storm, we know now, is just a naturally occurring phenomenon based on scientific principles. We’ve learned so much truth, and we know more now than we ever have before, and all this is culminating into the time where we become something beyond human. Something greater. We have the capability to reweave the fabric of our physical existence. By altering genes we will be able to cure the biggest threat to humanity’s existence to date, death. By curing all human ails and securing new more powerful genes we will be able to become something much greater. The beginning of the Industrial Age marked the beginning of our rapid transition into a new paradigm for life on Earth. The internet that connects us all together all over the world is allowing us to cooperate in ways we have never been able to before. We are beginning to understand one another, and put aside our differences. We must, because the Singularity is coming, the time when we enhance ourselves with technology.

So what is Trans-Humanism then? It’s the fundamental belief and wish to become something greater than ourselves. To mature into a community of like-minded and able individuals who all bring a unique and important experience to humanity, for the good of humanity. Religion is whatever we want it to be. It doesn’t have to be binding or unforgiving of others. It accepts people for who they really are, and what they’re trying to become. Religion is a collective of individuals who propel themselves on a path toward enlightenment. It’s about community, and sharing, and striving towards the greater good. It is in our nature to be good. It is also in our nature to be evil and corrupt. We must accept our faults if we want to hone ourselves into the people we want to be. Humanity is moving towards change, and we should be ready for the great power we will have. If we are irresponsible, if we don’t learn from everyone who’s come before us, then extinction is inevitable.

Humanities mission is to spread our core beliefs, our morals and values, and use them to better ourselves and each other. When we take to the stars, in the far future when humanity has spread beyond Earth, we need to be gods of our universe. We need to be able to usher along change, and spread humanities values to new worlds, and possibly alien civilizations. There is still so much to learn about our place in the universe, why we exist, and what we can become. We need to band together with the common goal of bettering ourselves and each other. We need to hone our gifts and accept our failures, but turn around and change more and more into someone greater than those who came before us.

We are coming upon a time when we will become immortal, become able to access all of humanities knowledge with a simple thought, and join with artificial intelligence to become a super organism that spreads across the globe. We will all be interconnected through the virtual world and we will enhance our genes, evolving us into whatever comes after humanity. The future is both certain and uncertain. It is inevitable that we will enhance ourselves artificially. What we do with such power is not an inevitable fact. True free will will have been planted, a seed of consciousness that we cannot begin to fathom now.

Next time I talk about the aspects of the human spirit.

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