Ideas of Future Consciousness

We have a collective consciousness. Multiple neurons work in tandem to create a single voice in which we attribute to our ego, the self. Voices of doubt, of reason; the angel and the devil on your shoulder, they are a smaller part of a whole which is the self. We can attribute decisions to different sides of our brain, our right brain a silent partner which communicates and reaches consensus with our left brain. Mental illness can also play a role in conscious decision. In the case of schizophrenia, multiple voices can give instructions and directions to a person’s thought. In the future, I think it will be the case that our enhanced intelligence will give rise to multiple personalities and selves inside one person, which will reach a consensus again among themselves, still in one body. It’s not far-fetched to think that humans need these inner voices to temper their decisions, and most of it takes place on the subconscious level. It is my belief that in the future these inner voices will have a much more important role, and will give rise to a more complex and diversified group of individual personalities at the forefront of our consciousness. With this and instant communication between people across the globe possible, it seems probable that some of these personalities may be other people entirely.

We take other people’s advice into consideration already, allowing outside influence to change our thinking. Talking to other people about our problems helps us make decisions about our day to day lives. When communication between us is instant and on a global scale I believe we will begin to shift towards a unified consensus that benefits all humans. Much like servers communicate with each other on the internet, our brains will be linked together in a biological net that will represent all of humanity, the human spirit. Our diversity is necessary for this reason. We will need people from all walks of life to complete the human library of thought.

We currently have separate tribal ties based on locale and heritage but these will fade away once our consciousness shifts further and further into a unified consensus, each voice ringing in the background. This will be possible with the advent of artificial intelligence and the culmination of the industrial age into the singularity, when we join AI in creating our new world. The explosion of our intelligence capacity will then give rise to a complexity of life we have trouble imagining now. Will we break the speed of causality, and spread to other worlds among other stars? Will intergalactic travel become possible? I like to think that humanity is on the cusp of these things at this unique time in the history of Earth.

It is important that we start to align ourselves in our thinking so that we can propel ourselves into a brighter future. When the human spirit becomes more than just an intangible thought to a unified consensus then we will begin to see true change.

We are each individual aspects of the human spirit.

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