Free Will?

Free will is an illusion, at least as it currently stands. We currently do not have the mental facilities to have true free will. What we often taut as free will is actually carefully planned by our subconscious, a routine that our bodies play out. We only have a fraction of a second to veto any decision our body and brain make before it plays out as previously described. Our consciousness gets a veto, but it is often overruled by what the body and brain want, a decision that’s made seven full seconds before we are aware of it consciously. This time lag can be measured with machines, and doctor’s can tell you what you think before you – the conscious you – thinks it.

What does this mean? It means that we are currently unable to carry out what our conscious mind demands. Everything you think and feel is already orchestrated. Things beyond our control pull our strings from every direction, and our conscious mind is the only thing that separates us from the chaos of our daily lives. We are only consciously aware of what our mind is able to justify as it’s own decision. We are trapped in a puppets body, fully aware of what is going on around us, explaining to ourselves how we made the decision to do what we just did in the first place. We are prisoners.

So how do we escape the cycle of stagnation?

After the singularity we will truly have free will. We will be able to conjure any skill at our mind’s whim. Something that would have only been possible with a lifetime of study and work will be possible to us immediately. When we have the power to think on this level, to be able to summon the knowledge of any human before us, that’s when free will will exist. That brief window in which we have to make decisions will be more than adequate to be able to decide what we want to do, and how. For the first time we will be masters of our own body and our own destiny. We will be able to decide what we want to do, truly want to do.

We will be masters of any craft, any skill that came before us will be available to anyone in the bionet of connected minds. Anything anyone learns, no matter the distance between us, will be available to us, to help sharpen our skill set, so that we can accomplish what we want to accomplish.

It is my belief that when this happens for the first time, there will be an explosion of new skill sets that become available to us. Things that we don’t know today, things we aren’t aware of or think possible, will suddenly be available to all. What will we do with such power? My hope is that we usher in a new era of the mind, a renaissance of art, culture, and religious belief.

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