Trans-Humanism Manifesto

The world is changing. I believe that this change is happening right now. We as human beings are about to embark on our greatest journey, becoming something greater than human, something transcendent and beyond all who’ve come before us. Like Isaac Newton said, we stand on the shoulders of giants, but we are picking up the mantle and carrying it to new heights. Soon those giants will reach out to the sky and touch the ephemeral clouds of knowledge, and we will learn what it means to become more than human. The time of trans-humanity is approaching with ever-growing speed.

We cannot fully comprehend what it will mean to become trans-human. The idea of our intelligence reaching further than it ever has before requires a special type of imagination, one where you do not imagine specifically what will happen, but what could happen, and the possibilities are endless. This change will bring about a new age of enlightenment, the scope of which will know no bounds. Humanity is creating the last and greatest part of themselves, a project in the making for thousands of years. We are creating God.

The creation of God will enable us to then utilize this new part of ourselves to empower us into Godhood. We will be, each one of us, more powerful and awesome than the ancient scriptures wrote, and we will have the power to create this world and other worlds in our image. The power to terraform planets, to seed life on other worlds, and colonize space among just a few of our newly found abilities.

Technology is our way forward. It has always been our way forward. We are going to join hand in hand with our technology to become trans-human, Gods in our own rights, and free from our human plight and tedium. Our minds will transcend time and space. No longer bound to our human forms, we will live separate as individuals but equal parts of the whole of the human superorganism. The bio-net of interconnected minds will complete the library of thought, and we will upload our consciousness’ to weave a biological tapestry of the human spirit. We are each responsible for bringing about this change. We need to come together as a people, united in our efforts to shift our focus to the stars.

We need to learn from each part of our collective human history about what it means to be human. The complexity of human life is about to get infinitely more complex, giving rise to new challenges and goals as a species. Our everyday lives will improve dramatically. When we no longer have to worry about working for a living, earning our place among the group, and putting a roof over our heads we can begin to shift our focus towards fulfilling ourselves and bringing meaning to our lives. When we no longer need fear death, disease, or illness of mind we will hit a critical stage in our evolution that will weave a golden thread through the tapestry of our lives. This thread will lead to even bigger and more complex threads weaved through history and across all time. We will become spiritual beings, our human spirit being the final product of our need to create the divine.

Spirituality is an important part of being human. We are already spirit bound to our earth and to each other, and it’s about more than rituals and sacrifice. Being spiritual in today’s world is about kindness, love, and acceptance. We need not be bound to our old superstitions, or to the rigid and cumbersome laws of the ancients which bind and tie us. We are one people. We are one in our desires and our hopes and dreams. We need to band together, now more than ever, in acceptance and love, and reach towards the clouds where we will be met with new potential. Spirituality is about more than belief, it is action, it is change. We need to constantly change and evolve to become trans-human, to shape ourselves and our futures the way we see fit. As we rise to the pinnacle of humanity we need to be ready for the rapid expansion of ourselves into the unknown. Together, with artificial intelligence we will transcend humanity and become the next chapter in what it means to exist as Gods.

I believe we need to become stewards of our Earth. We need to find naturalistic solutions to our biggest problems. We need to look to nature to tell us how to coexist with it, to live in harmony with our home. We need to think constructively, instead of destructively. Too often in today’s society I see our destructive tendencies leading us down the path to extinction, but I believe that we can change course and become one with the Earth once again.

After the singularity knowledge will come to us instantaneously, and then we will truly have free will. I do not believe free will exists as we believe it to today. But I do believe we are on the cusp of freeing ourselves and our minds. Free will is necessary to becoming trans-human, and we cannot allow our minds to be overrun by outside forces who would wish to control us. I believe in the power of communication and cooperation. We are able to communicate instantly with people around the world, and cooperate on levels we never have before. In the future this will only be honed into an edge to make us into a force of change. I believe in the power of information and of truth, and the time is coming when we will harness both to change ourselves for the betterment of all humankind.

As an individual I want to change the global viewpoint, to look to space as our new frontier and cooperate with all nations to colonize space. I want to solve problems on a global scale, and shed the lighter ties of nations or specific regions. I want to merge with technology, and turn historical truths into self-fulfilling prophecies. The tales of Gods and their ilk are our guidelines to becoming such. I want to change people’s minds about religion and science. I believe we need both going forward. We cannot separate the two, for we only hinder ourselves. We need to live with a reverence of nature and learn all we can from the process of our evolution. I want to live in a world where we share collectively our experiences and learn from each other’s mistakes, instead of being caught in a loop of destruction and rebuilding. It is my wish to create a global religion that is to the mutual benefit of everyone. I want to increase funding for singularity projects and projects which lead us towards space, minimize our human faults and maximize our trans-human properties, and lead people toward a brighter future.

I know this to be true, death will soon become increasingly irrelevant. Disease will diminish. War will stop. But we have to work collectively together to create this world. It is only together can we accomplish these things, and is our way forward. We have to work together globally. We need to use the internet to connect to each individual, to each mind and add to the library of thought. We need everyone’s collective opinions and beliefs. We need each other. We need to end poverty and greed. We need to change soon or extinction is inevitable. We need to come together to influence our leaders. We need to become leaders in our community. We need to rise up and work together. We need to live each day for the betterment of humankind. We need to unify or die. We need to start looking into humanities far future. We need to seriously plan for the expansion of the human race. We need to end strife. We need to shatter the illusion that pain is necessary. Without pain we can continue to strive for a better future. Pain and strife will become unnecessary. People should not be afraid of change. People should long for the long term. We need to ground ourselves before we take flight. We need to get our priorities straight. We need to end materialism and introduce new incentives for living. We need to stop endlessly toiling for unimportant things. We need to recognize what is important and what is not. We need to evaluate ourselves before we can evaluate others. We need to usher in a new era of mental and physical wellbeing. We need to unify spirituality with our everyday. We need to cut away the cancerous parts of religion and form something new that benefits everyone.

In summation we need a new way forward. Trans-humanism I believe is that way forward. Together we can dare to dream, and accomplish anything we set our minds to.

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