The Human Aspects

There are four major aspects of the human spirit, emotions that lead us to make our everyday decisions. Happiness, Sadness, Fear, and Anger are at the top of the emotional hierarchy, with seemingly infinite branching subcategories of emotions and qualities that define the human spirit. For example, Kindness, a quality that people personify, is a subset of Happiness, but also of Sadness. It seems the kindest among us have usually been through an ordeal that makes them want to act kindly towards others. That’s where the sadness comes in; the happiness comes in when you complete the act of kindness and reap the emotional rewards. It feels good to be kind, or charitable because we have cultivated these aspects of the human spirit by learning from our cultures and the lessons we’ve inherited from our ancestors. Despair, Depression, Anxiety: These are all subsets of the first, Fear. We despair over what we cannot change, but long to change. We feel depressed, sad and forlorn. Humans have taken raw emotions and split them up into new subsets which come with a part of Humanity. To deal with these emotions and intellectual challenges we’ve overcome issues by assimilating that part of ourselves, or what makes us human into the problem and using our brain to ponder the situation and solution. What we experience is universal among us, and it changes as the decades pass.

We are now able to spread our individual cultural ideas to the entire world via the internet and what I’ve observed is a merging of ideas and beliefs which makes a clear cut vision of what we want humanity to be. That vision of who we want to be and who we are is based off those four major aspects. Good and Evil. Love and Hate. Good and Love are subsets of Happiness, and bring forth prosperity in our lives. Evil and Hate are subsets of Sadness, Fear, and Anger. These lead us down the path of destruction and chaos. As we share amongst ourselves and gather more thought on the issues we face we find similarities among all cultures. Now is the time to recognize those similarities and build a foundation for our generations view on what the human spirit is. Transhumanism takes the similarities, the views of the many and integrates them into the core of religion. How we deal with our emotions, how we believe we should act, what is moral and what is immoral; we need to start reevaluating these things now as an example for an eon to come.

I think we are beginning to understand what it is we want to create, who we want to be, and with the shift towards the singularity we are headed towards a brighter future than we can possibly imagine.

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