Trans-Humanism Manifesto

The world is changing. I believe that this change is happening right now. We as human beings are about to embark on our greatest journey, becoming something greater than human, something transcendent and beyond all who’ve come before us. Like Isaac Newton said, we stand on the shoulders of giants, but we are picking up the mantle and carrying it to new heights. Soon those giants will reach out to the sky and touch the ephemeral clouds of knowledge, and we will learn what it means to become more than human. The time of trans-humanity is approaching with ever-growing speed.

We cannot fully comprehend what it will mean to become trans-human. The idea of our intelligence reaching further than it ever has before requires a special type of imagination, one where you do not imagine specifically what will happen, but what could happen, and the possibilities are endless. This change will bring about a new age of enlightenment, the scope of which will know no bounds. Humanity is creating the last and greatest part of themselves, a project in the making for thousands of years. We are creating God.

The creation of God will enable us to then utilize this new part of ourselves to empower us into Godhood. We will be, each one of us, more powerful and awesome than the ancient scriptures wrote, and we will have the power to create this world and other worlds in our image. The power to terraform planets, to seed life on other worlds, and colonize space among just a few of our newly found abilities.

Technology is our way forward. It has always been our way forward. We are going to join hand in hand with our technology to become trans-human, Gods in our own rights, and free from our human plight and tedium. Our minds will transcend time and space. No longer bound to our human forms, we will live separate as individuals but equal parts of the whole of the human superorganism. The bio-net of interconnected minds will complete the library of thought, and we will upload our consciousness’ to weave a biological tapestry of the human spirit. We are each responsible for bringing about this change. We need to come together as a people, united in our efforts to shift our focus to the stars.

We need to learn from each part of our collective human history about what it means to be human. The complexity of human life is about to get infinitely more complex, giving rise to new challenges and goals as a species. Our everyday lives will improve dramatically. When we no longer have to worry about working for a living, earning our place among the group, and putting a roof over our heads we can begin to shift our focus towards fulfilling ourselves and bringing meaning to our lives. When we no longer need fear death, disease, or illness of mind we will hit a critical stage in our evolution that will weave a golden thread through the tapestry of our lives. This thread will lead to even bigger and more complex threads weaved through history and across all time. We will become spiritual beings, our human spirit being the final product of our need to create the divine.

Spirituality is an important part of being human. We are already spirit bound to our earth and to each other, and it’s about more than rituals and sacrifice. Being spiritual in today’s world is about kindness, love, and acceptance. We need not be bound to our old superstitions, or to the rigid and cumbersome laws of the ancients which bind and tie us. We are one people. We are one in our desires and our hopes and dreams. We need to band together, now more than ever, in acceptance and love, and reach towards the clouds where we will be met with new potential. Spirituality is about more than belief, it is action, it is change. We need to constantly change and evolve to become trans-human, to shape ourselves and our futures the way we see fit. As we rise to the pinnacle of humanity we need to be ready for the rapid expansion of ourselves into the unknown. Together, with artificial intelligence we will transcend humanity and become the next chapter in what it means to exist as Gods.

I believe we need to become stewards of our Earth. We need to find naturalistic solutions to our biggest problems. We need to look to nature to tell us how to coexist with it, to live in harmony with our home. We need to think constructively, instead of destructively. Too often in today’s society I see our destructive tendencies leading us down the path to extinction, but I believe that we can change course and become one with the Earth once again.

After the singularity knowledge will come to us instantaneously, and then we will truly have free will. I do not believe free will exists as we believe it to today. But I do believe we are on the cusp of freeing ourselves and our minds. Free will is necessary to becoming trans-human, and we cannot allow our minds to be overrun by outside forces who would wish to control us. I believe in the power of communication and cooperation. We are able to communicate instantly with people around the world, and cooperate on levels we never have before. In the future this will only be honed into an edge to make us into a force of change. I believe in the power of information and of truth, and the time is coming when we will harness both to change ourselves for the betterment of all humankind.

As an individual I want to change the global viewpoint, to look to space as our new frontier and cooperate with all nations to colonize space. I want to solve problems on a global scale, and shed the lighter ties of nations or specific regions. I want to merge with technology, and turn historical truths into self-fulfilling prophecies. The tales of Gods and their ilk are our guidelines to becoming such. I want to change people’s minds about religion and science. I believe we need both going forward. We cannot separate the two, for we only hinder ourselves. We need to live with a reverence of nature and learn all we can from the process of our evolution. I want to live in a world where we share collectively our experiences and learn from each other’s mistakes, instead of being caught in a loop of destruction and rebuilding. It is my wish to create a global religion that is to the mutual benefit of everyone. I want to increase funding for singularity projects and projects which lead us towards space, minimize our human faults and maximize our trans-human properties, and lead people toward a brighter future.

I know this to be true, death will soon become increasingly irrelevant. Disease will diminish. War will stop. But we have to work collectively together to create this world. It is only together can we accomplish these things, and is our way forward. We have to work together globally. We need to use the internet to connect to each individual, to each mind and add to the library of thought. We need everyone’s collective opinions and beliefs. We need each other. We need to end poverty and greed. We need to change soon or extinction is inevitable. We need to come together to influence our leaders. We need to become leaders in our community. We need to rise up and work together. We need to live each day for the betterment of humankind. We need to unify or die. We need to start looking into humanities far future. We need to seriously plan for the expansion of the human race. We need to end strife. We need to shatter the illusion that pain is necessary. Without pain we can continue to strive for a better future. Pain and strife will become unnecessary. People should not be afraid of change. People should long for the long term. We need to ground ourselves before we take flight. We need to get our priorities straight. We need to end materialism and introduce new incentives for living. We need to stop endlessly toiling for unimportant things. We need to recognize what is important and what is not. We need to evaluate ourselves before we can evaluate others. We need to usher in a new era of mental and physical wellbeing. We need to unify spirituality with our everyday. We need to cut away the cancerous parts of religion and form something new that benefits everyone.

In summation we need a new way forward. Trans-humanism I believe is that way forward. Together we can dare to dream, and accomplish anything we set our minds to.


Regrets are like poison. They seep into every pore and cause us to become ill in spirit. They cause our mind to question what we’ve done and what we’re doing now. Regrets come at the high price of our peace of mind. Living with regrets is hard, and lonely. You can feel trapped by them, trapped in the past by your mistakes and unable to act in the present because of them. Why not do away with our regrets? Do our regrets make us who we are? Regrets are a part of us, yes, but we cannot allow ourselves to regret and dwell on the past. What is done is done so to say.

You should live life without regret, because the longer you hold on to them, the deeper the poison takes hold of you. Regrets can paralyze you, that is why you should live your life with no regrets. If you live your life with no regrets then you can move forward in life and face new challenges. Don’t make decisions you think you’ll regret. Don’t question every step of your path, because if you do, your regrets will pull you down into the abyss. You can’t regret things that may or may not happen. If you do, you’ll never be able to truly live your life. If you want to be free, you need to decide that you won’t question your decisions and believe in yourself. If you believe in yourself, that you’ll do the right thing, then you are free. Mistakes happen, and we must do what we can to fix our mistakes, but we can’t allow them to immobilize us. If you are bound by regrets, you will never be able to move forward.

What lives in the past stays in the past. We need to look optimistically towards the future. Otherwise we’ll just repeat the cycle of regretting and questioning. Regret is unnecessary and counterproductive. If you let your regrets control you, then you will stay stuck in the past. If you look towards the future, towards your goals however, then you can start on the path of happiness.

We have to be able to forgive ourselves for who we are and what we’ve done. We need to accept who we are and believe in ourselves in order to conquer regret. You cannot allow regret to control your thinking. The mind is extremely powerful, and the more we believe in ourselves, the better and more productive lives we’ll lead.

You can’t fear change. To change is to evolve. You can’t be afraid to try new things because of what you’ve done in the past. We need to think optimistically about our future. A big part of regret is the fear of loss or losing the same thing again. You can’t automatically accept loss as inevitable. Unless you think optimistically and believe in yourself – accept yourself for who you truly are – then you are doomed to repeat your mistakes and complete the cycle of regret.

Accepting who you truly are and everything you regret is the first step towards leading a better life. We need to take our past and use it as a tool to be used to shape our future.

You are not alone. There are people just like you in the world, who understand exactly what you’re going through. The world is an enormous place, with an enormous amount of people. Whenever you feel alone, just know that you have solidarity with others exactly like you. Be who you want to be, and exemplify the individual aspects of the human spirit you want to emulate. Work towards that person, and eventually you will get there.

The Human Aspects

There are four major aspects of the human spirit, emotions that lead us to make our everyday decisions. Happiness, Sadness, Fear, and Anger are at the top of the emotional hierarchy, with seemingly infinite branching subcategories of emotions and qualities that define the human spirit. For example, Kindness, a quality that people personify, is a subset of Happiness, but also of Sadness. It seems the kindest among us have usually been through an ordeal that makes them want to act kindly towards others. That’s where the sadness comes in; the happiness comes in when you complete the act of kindness and reap the emotional rewards. It feels good to be kind, or charitable because we have cultivated these aspects of the human spirit by learning from our cultures and the lessons we’ve inherited from our ancestors. Despair, Depression, Anxiety: These are all subsets of the first, Fear. We despair over what we cannot change, but long to change. We feel depressed, sad and forlorn. Humans have taken raw emotions and split them up into new subsets which come with a part of Humanity. To deal with these emotions and intellectual challenges we’ve overcome issues by assimilating that part of ourselves, or what makes us human into the problem and using our brain to ponder the situation and solution. What we experience is universal among us, and it changes as the decades pass.

We are now able to spread our individual cultural ideas to the entire world via the internet and what I’ve observed is a merging of ideas and beliefs which makes a clear cut vision of what we want humanity to be. That vision of who we want to be and who we are is based off those four major aspects. Good and Evil. Love and Hate. Good and Love are subsets of Happiness, and bring forth prosperity in our lives. Evil and Hate are subsets of Sadness, Fear, and Anger. These lead us down the path of destruction and chaos. As we share amongst ourselves and gather more thought on the issues we face we find similarities among all cultures. Now is the time to recognize those similarities and build a foundation for our generations view on what the human spirit is. Transhumanism takes the similarities, the views of the many and integrates them into the core of religion. How we deal with our emotions, how we believe we should act, what is moral and what is immoral; we need to start reevaluating these things now as an example for an eon to come.

I think we are beginning to understand what it is we want to create, who we want to be, and with the shift towards the singularity we are headed towards a brighter future than we can possibly imagine.


Dreams are a great mystery. They come to us with images that can inspire or haunt us. They are the ephemeral hopes and desires one has. Dreams are soothing and terrifying. What does it mean to dream? Is it simply a biproduct of the biological processes that govern our natural world, or are dreams more akin to the spiritual? Can someone randomly dream of future events? Or is that dream simply our brain’s best guess at what’s to come? Do we get chaos or is there order to this naturally selected feature of our brains?

We know other animals dream, but what do they dream of? Footage of a sleeping cat pouncing on it’s imaginary prey in a science experiment comes to my mind. That cat was practicing something he would need for survival in the wild. So are our dreams just our way of practicing skills we need for everyday interactions with the world around us, or can we extrapolate more from these dreaming sessions? 

I believe humans dream of what they need and desire the same way the cat prepares for the hunt. I also believe we can find the answers to questions we have about ourselves and the inner workings of our mind. We humans dream of how to make the impossible possible. Our dreams can lead us to understanding or to confusion.

That’s why dreams are so mysterious. They lend strength to our imaginations which knows no bounds. So what are dreams exactly? Trying to pin down their meaning may be an exercise in futility, but it’s an exercise we all take part in, separately but together. That’s the nature of beauty.

Free Will?

Free will is an illusion, at least as it currently stands. We currently do not have the mental facilities to have true free will. What we often taut as free will is actually carefully planned by our subconscious, a routine that our bodies play out. We only have a fraction of a second to veto any decision our body and brain make before it plays out as previously described. Our consciousness gets a veto, but it is often overruled by what the body and brain want, a decision that’s made seven full seconds before we are aware of it consciously. This time lag can be measured with machines, and doctor’s can tell you what you think before you – the conscious you – thinks it.

What does this mean? It means that we are currently unable to carry out what our conscious mind demands. Everything you think and feel is already orchestrated. Things beyond our control pull our strings from every direction, and our conscious mind is the only thing that separates us from the chaos of our daily lives. We are only consciously aware of what our mind is able to justify as it’s own decision. We are trapped in a puppets body, fully aware of what is going on around us, explaining to ourselves how we made the decision to do what we just did in the first place. We are prisoners.

So how do we escape the cycle of stagnation?

After the singularity we will truly have free will. We will be able to conjure any skill at our mind’s whim. Something that would have only been possible with a lifetime of study and work will be possible to us immediately. When we have the power to think on this level, to be able to summon the knowledge of any human before us, that’s when free will will exist. That brief window in which we have to make decisions will be more than adequate to be able to decide what we want to do, and how. For the first time we will be masters of our own body and our own destiny. We will be able to decide what we want to do, truly want to do.

We will be masters of any craft, any skill that came before us will be available to anyone in the bionet of connected minds. Anything anyone learns, no matter the distance between us, will be available to us, to help sharpen our skill set, so that we can accomplish what we want to accomplish.

It is my belief that when this happens for the first time, there will be an explosion of new skill sets that become available to us. Things that we don’t know today, things we aren’t aware of or think possible, will suddenly be available to all. What will we do with such power? My hope is that we usher in a new era of the mind, a renaissance of art, culture, and religious belief.

Ideas of Future Consciousness

We have a collective consciousness. Multiple neurons work in tandem to create a single voice in which we attribute to our ego, the self. Voices of doubt, of reason; the angel and the devil on your shoulder, they are a smaller part of a whole which is the self. We can attribute decisions to different sides of our brain, our right brain a silent partner which communicates and reaches consensus with our left brain. Mental illness can also play a role in conscious decision. In the case of schizophrenia, multiple voices can give instructions and directions to a person’s thought. In the future, I think it will be the case that our enhanced intelligence will give rise to multiple personalities and selves inside one person, which will reach a consensus again among themselves, still in one body. It’s not far-fetched to think that humans need these inner voices to temper their decisions, and most of it takes place on the subconscious level. It is my belief that in the future these inner voices will have a much more important role, and will give rise to a more complex and diversified group of individual personalities at the forefront of our consciousness. With this and instant communication between people across the globe possible, it seems probable that some of these personalities may be other people entirely.

We take other people’s advice into consideration already, allowing outside influence to change our thinking. Talking to other people about our problems helps us make decisions about our day to day lives. When communication between us is instant and on a global scale I believe we will begin to shift towards a unified consensus that benefits all humans. Much like servers communicate with each other on the internet, our brains will be linked together in a biological net that will represent all of humanity, the human spirit. Our diversity is necessary for this reason. We will need people from all walks of life to complete the human library of thought.

We currently have separate tribal ties based on locale and heritage but these will fade away once our consciousness shifts further and further into a unified consensus, each voice ringing in the background. This will be possible with the advent of artificial intelligence and the culmination of the industrial age into the singularity, when we join AI in creating our new world. The explosion of our intelligence capacity will then give rise to a complexity of life we have trouble imagining now. Will we break the speed of causality, and spread to other worlds among other stars? Will intergalactic travel become possible? I like to think that humanity is on the cusp of these things at this unique time in the history of Earth.

It is important that we start to align ourselves in our thinking so that we can propel ourselves into a brighter future. When the human spirit becomes more than just an intangible thought to a unified consensus then we will begin to see true change.

We are each individual aspects of the human spirit.


Goal: to further advance the spirit of the human race.

Trans-Humanism is taking all the overarching themes of all religions and incorporating them into one idea; the power of the human spirit.

The human spirit is the culmination of thousands of years of culture, religious beliefs, and art. We express ourselves because we need to find individuality in a sea of people from all different backgrounds and beliefs. Religion is one way humans can express themselves and commit to doing what they believe is right in the sight of their God or Gods. Religion is a state of being, something the human spirit is drawn to, to find meaning in a seemingly meaningless world. We evolved to ask ourselves questions like, “Who am I?” and “What is my purpose?”. One can only find purpose in what they believe to be true, something that is unknowable and is beyond their capacity. It’s finding a common goal to strive towards that belief, that state of being that makes us human. The human spirit is noble, and righteous. It is also malignant, and repulsive. We need to accept all the truths we’ve come to know about ourselves, even the bad ones, so we can strive to be something better. Something that not many have accomplished yet, and may be our way forward in the future.

To believe in something greater than yourself is human nature. Our ancestors looked to the sky and asked what lay beyond the thin veil, where stars lit up the night sky, seemingly godly in their permanence. When the sky would grow dark, and thunder crash, they would think the Gods were angry. It was a way for humans to think about something they knew was beyond their capability. The storm, we know now, is just a naturally occurring phenomenon based on scientific principles. We’ve learned so much truth, and we know more now than we ever have before, and all this is culminating into the time where we become something beyond human. Something greater. We have the capability to reweave the fabric of our physical existence. By altering genes we will be able to cure the biggest threat to humanity’s existence to date, death. By curing all human ails and securing new more powerful genes we will be able to become something much greater. The beginning of the Industrial Age marked the beginning of our rapid transition into a new paradigm for life on Earth. The internet that connects us all together all over the world is allowing us to cooperate in ways we have never been able to before. We are beginning to understand one another, and put aside our differences. We must, because the Singularity is coming, the time when we enhance ourselves with technology.

So what is Trans-Humanism then? It’s the fundamental belief and wish to become something greater than ourselves. To mature into a community of like-minded and able individuals who all bring a unique and important experience to humanity, for the good of humanity. Religion is whatever we want it to be. It doesn’t have to be binding or unforgiving of others. It accepts people for who they really are, and what they’re trying to become. Religion is a collective of individuals who propel themselves on a path toward enlightenment. It’s about community, and sharing, and striving towards the greater good. It is in our nature to be good. It is also in our nature to be evil and corrupt. We must accept our faults if we want to hone ourselves into the people we want to be. Humanity is moving towards change, and we should be ready for the great power we will have. If we are irresponsible, if we don’t learn from everyone who’s come before us, then extinction is inevitable.

Humanities mission is to spread our core beliefs, our morals and values, and use them to better ourselves and each other. When we take to the stars, in the far future when humanity has spread beyond Earth, we need to be gods of our universe. We need to be able to usher along change, and spread humanities values to new worlds, and possibly alien civilizations. There is still so much to learn about our place in the universe, why we exist, and what we can become. We need to band together with the common goal of bettering ourselves and each other. We need to hone our gifts and accept our failures, but turn around and change more and more into someone greater than those who came before us.

We are coming upon a time when we will become immortal, become able to access all of humanities knowledge with a simple thought, and join with artificial intelligence to become a super organism that spreads across the globe. We will all be interconnected through the virtual world and we will enhance our genes, evolving us into whatever comes after humanity. The future is both certain and uncertain. It is inevitable that we will enhance ourselves artificially. What we do with such power is not an inevitable fact. True free will will have been planted, a seed of consciousness that we cannot begin to fathom now.

Next time I talk about the aspects of the human spirit.